Friday, August 9, 2013

The Unexpected Express Ride on Eid!

It was "unexpected" because I did not know New York was having a preview. It was only the day before the preview that I got to know about it and instantly got excited, because now I could watch on Eid and not the next day of Eid. And before proceeding, let me make it clear this is not a review. I'm not intellectual enough to write a review (specially for HIS movie, since my mind stops working and heart starts when he is infront of my eyes). This is merely just about my wonderful experience that I had which literally left me smiling even while I was sleeping last night.

So I woke up with smile on my face on the day of Eid, because my Eid gift from HIM was just a few hours away (at 7.30pm) in the evening. Even though I usually prefer going alone for the first watch of HIS movie, this time I was ready to make an exception as it was Eid. My cousin and her husband also were going for the movie.

I actually booked my ticket in advance (only for the sake of my heart, because it kept telling me "BUY THE TICKET"), but my cousin and brother-in-law were to buy from the theater itself. In fact I actually told them to buy directly from the theater, because online it was more expensive due to the additional booking fee.

We left at 6 p.m, even though the show was at 7.30pm, and the theater is only about half-an-hour away. Once we went into the theater, it was a chaos. There was a long line for tickets, and perhaps just to console ourselves I said it is because of Eid many people came to watch movies, not necessarily Chennai Express (though deep down I wanted the crowd for my movie) but could be any movie. As we stood on the line, someone from the back said "Are you here for Chennai Express? The tickets are already sold out!" And there was the shock! I couldn't believe it. Not because the it was sold out, but because it was the preview that was sold out, I did not even expect many people to know about it. But how stupid am I? After all I'm not the only person who dies on HIM. Anyways we still didn't move from the line, thinking those people only wanted to get the tickets themselves first, so were lying to us. But as we went to the counter, it was actually sold out! I also went to check on the card machine, and yes there also it said sold out. My relatives therefore had to return without watching (the next show was at 11 p.m, a little too late). And for me? I just stood there thinking how right HE is when HE says "listen to your heart".

Thankful I was, I went out a little with family because there still was time for show. But then realized I had to get back to get a good seat! So I went in, and almost 60% of the seats were taken, among which 95% were the good ones! I sat in a reasonable seat, as I had no other option. As time went by people started flowing in, till they had to take those annoying front seats. Some who did not want to seat in the front, sat on the stairs! And even one guy stood for a while. My first time seeing something like this! It was a chaos inside. It was hard to believe I was in New York.

HE came on screen on the first scene itself, and ya lets not talk about how my crazy heart reacted, and also how eyes got teary and all. But lets talk about the reaction of the audience! The whole hall roared. Whistled. Cheered. Screamed. Welcomed HIM. And I was sitting there blushing, just clapping and smiling. The ride on the train started, making the audience laugh hysterically, cheer, scream and clap some more. I honestly felt like I was sitting in a theater somewhere in India, because not ever did I see such reaction from audience in a theater here in America. Forget whistle, people hardly even clap! It was the BEST experience ever. I won't go on writing about which scene made the audience react how, as I don't want to write any spoiler even accidentally, or which scene made me laugh the most as already mentioned intention was not to review the movie. The intention was to try to present a glimpse of what HIS presence, HIS movies, and and HE HIMSELF means to the audience. And how much people love him. And my experience on how much people around me enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. There are some things for which words aren't enough, same goes for my experience yesterday. But if I was able to explain it a little, it would give me happiness, as I know even if little that would make my fellow ShahRukhies happy. 

I usually say HIS movie release is like Eid, and this time the movie previewed on Eid. I could not ask for a better Eid day. Not only did I loved the movie, but the entire experience made me feel like Allah might truly has been happy with me for some reason. Hope all ShahRukhies experience, what I experienced while watching Chennai Express atleast once in their life. It's magical.

Also thanked HIM several times, but it never seems enough keeping in mind how much happiness he gives us. So ending the blog thanking HIM for everything.

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