Monday, September 22, 2014

The Venue, IZOD Center (SLAM New Jersey, Post I)

The venue, IZOD Center: And so HE was introduced as the next performer...

A little unexpected, as I thought HE would not appear until everyone else did...

The crowd started to go berserk... No one was on their seat...

And me? Don't even ask, by the end of the blog entries (I have decided to write them in three posts, to keep the readings short) you would know what I must have been going through. I knew I am close to where HE would make HIS entrance, because from my seat I saw this (which I will refer to as crane-like-thing):

The crane-like-thing!
And what I know from the Houston show (from previous night), HE did make HIS entrance on this crane-like-thing. There was chaos and confusion among the crowd, with themes from HIS movies being played, and HIS pictures being shown on the stage, while everyone wondering where HE would appear from. Even I started looking for HIM everywhere, because crane-like-thing was still at the same height, and HE clearly was not on it. I stared at the crane-like-thing for a while, looked back (as the previous performer came from the back), stared at the stage trying to see a glimpse of that so familiar so loved silhouette. Tension was building up, people kept chanting HIS name, but HE was no where to be seen. Heart was racing, eyes were dying to catch that one glimpse. But where was the beloved?

And then the crane-like-thing started to lower down...

And I knew, we all knew what was going to happen. HE emerged from underneath, in front of the control area from among the crowd. Everyone was screaming HIS name and their love for HIM, trying to make HIM hear it in their own voice. Needless to say I was screaming too, and HE was indeed very close to me, closer than I thought was possible anymore that day. A glimpse of HIM and I know what happiness would look like if it had a physical form. HE stood on the crane-like-thing, and rose up like a KING, making the crowd go crazier. A dramatic entrance, elegant as it suits HIM. The crane-like-thing started to move backwards, and took HIM to the stage. This marked the beginning of HIS performance. Later ofcourse HE danced around some more, joked around some more, and without even trying stealing hearts some more. 

I will, however, not write much about the event in the three entries (may be another post later), because I don't want to add any spoilers (the entry description already is, and my apologies for that), and also because how much more can I praise HIM? Ofcourse HE was incredibly awesome, melted everyones' hearts, and made the audience forget the presence of other celebrities. HIS live interaction with the couple HE invited on stage, exemplified HIS witty sense of humor and ability to make anyone feel special around HIM. But these are all known facts, whatever HE does HE does best. And at the end of the show no one could stop talking about HIM. Every corner I went to everyone had HIS name in their mouth. Yes there were other celebrities, but the magic that HE creates, the beautiful that HE makes things around HIM is unmatchable. But these are all known facts, and no matter how much I try I can't do justice to the actual experience (I hope I managed to do some justice to the entrance though). So, what I would do in my next posts, is rewind you all back from the night of September 20th, 2014 to the morning, and talk about the rest of the day in the other two posts.
And HE rises higher than everyone!

PS. Here's one of the really bad pictures I took of HIM on the crane-like-thing. Pardon the image quality, I was clearly not looking at the camera.

PPS. Leaving the venue that night was the hardest thing I have done in a long long time. It is always hard to get back to reality after seeing HIM, but I feel this time it is even harder considering what I went through the whole day.

Next post will be on the airport experience, to be posted soon...


  1. Many thanks for your post !!!! I look forward to the next !!!

  2. Excellent post !!! I almost cried while reading it, I hope one day I be lucky enough to meet him too!! (: