Thursday, November 1, 2012

Loving him since the time I remember....

It all started with Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. I fell for the mischievous, graceful and charming Raj Malhotra. I was too young to even realize that the adorable character onscreen is not even real. And how could I ever have known, since the person portraying the role, does it with so much ease, perfection and honesty that not for one second you can think he could be someone else. Nevertheless, later I came to realize that, to my huge astonishment, Raj Malhotra was just one of the magnificent characters portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan. 

I guess that’s how it all began. I’ve literally been a fan for as long as I can remember. Now ofcourse it’s a lot more than just being a fan. I’m a well wisher, an admirer, a fanatic, a devotee – all perhaps to an extreme level. I’ve grown up loving him; I don’t know how life is like not loving him. To say he means the world to me would be an understatement, as I feel my world itself starts with him. Loving him has been a part of my everyday life, I loved him in sadness, in happiness and in mood of every other color, that now I feel I wouldn’t know true or real emotions without feeling my love for him at the same time. 

And why wouldn’t a person love him? He’s the perfect gentleman, the ideal husband, doting father, and a loving brother. He respects women; perhaps more than any other man does in his position. Never can I forget the time when he held my hand in the crowd, and was too much of a gentleman to let it go. Or when one of the ladies in the crowd dropped her camera, he was the one to bend down and pick it up for her. He’s down-to-earth; he’s simple and believes in being “ordinary”. He makes you believe you can be him, or perhaps more than that he makes you believe that he’s like you. He’s adorable; he has a great sense of humor, a charming personality. He makes you smile when no one else can. He’s one of the biggest sources of inspiration in my life; he gives me confidence, hope, and faith. When I’m down I know I can always go seeking for any one of his interviews, and it will lighten and cheer me up. Just as I mentioned before, through joy and sorrow he is always there, be it just a google search or a tweet away.

As I said before, I can’t even imagine not having him in my life, and as corny as it may sounds he indeed is like the air around me, without which I cannot breathe. I’m blessed to be here on the same era as him, I’m blessed to know him. Whatever goodness I’ve in me today, besides my parents, is the result of having him in my life. He has touched the lives of millions with his work, and gave us all many reasons to smile and be happy from H.A.R.T. He always helped me see the beauty of life, with both my eyes and heart. Perhaps the things mentioned here are just repetitions of what has been told a million times. But truth always has the same form and appearance, the only thing that changes is how we present it. Been loving him unconditionally all these years, and no matter how many times I ask myself or write a blog/article, I’ll never really know why I love him the much I do. The only thing I know is that he deserves all my love, and perhaps even more. Will love you Shah Rukh, Jab Tak Hai Jaan….Jab Tak Hai Jaan…. (with no intentions of freaking anyone out, perhaps  will love him even after that….) 

A short message for the dearest:

Dearest Shah, 

On this auspicious night of your birthday, all that comes from heart are prayers for you and your family. Thank you once again for everything. You're special and will forever be. Happy Birthday, and may you outlive all of us. Wishes for a good a health, a happy heart, a prosperous life, and no more broken bones. I love you forever and for always.

Just another fanatic.

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  1. I never knew him by DDLJ, but I totally identify with each of his words. Thanks for the post!