Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He Is Not Called THE KING For Nothing !!

Long time. Don't even remember when I wrote my last blog. But I've my excuse, which is I never promised that I will be regular. Won't write much about me today, or what is going around me - this blog I dedicate to The King Khan - Shah Rukh Khan.

Okay so for all those who have been questioning his power and position, you have no idea how incomparable he is to the rest of the celebrities. Not only as a human being he is extraordinary, but he has the charm and personality, and (never to forget) the sense-of-humor that most other people lack. As I always say he is the perfect son, brother, husband, father - the perfect family man. I've seen the legend in person, and experienced his charm. I remember what a chaos took place just the moment he stepped out of the NASDAQ building in Times Square-Manhattan, where people don't have the time to stop for anything. But for this man time itself stops! The crowd moved wherever their beloved Shah Rukh moved - people were literally walking in the middle of the street, breaking rules, making road traffic go crazy. There were people of many races and ethnicity - black, white, hispanic, asians etc (and I'm not exaggerating).

He is a global star. People from so many countries knows him, likes him and acclaims his work. What I get touched by the most is when people who don't even understand his language, watch his movies. It gives me a joy, an inner pleasure every time I realize how successful and well-known he is, it gives me extreme happiness. The reason I'm writing about this today is because of a certain incident (might be small for some, but special for me) that happened yesterday.

So, I was having my lunch with a Korean guy, who moved to USA two years back. He doesn't speak fluent English, so you can tell that he has not come out much from his own culture, and certainly therefore can have no connection to culture of any other country. I had to take out my iTouch for something, in which the wallpaper is Shah's autograph. He asked me whose sign it was, and I who can never avoid starting avoiding a topic of SRK told him who he was - Indian actor, very famous, one of the most powerful men in the world etc. Then I ended up saying his last movie was My Name Is Khan, and the guy replied "Oh My Name Is Khan and I'm not a terrorist". I was shocked and insanely happy. Later he told me, that he knows how famous Shah is, and that he is also loved in Korea a lot. Happy that I was I felt like hugging him, though I didn't.

Now this is just another incident that happened recently that I thought to write about. But this is not the only incident. I've friends from many other countries who are far away from Indian culture, but knows The Shah Rukh Khan. A lot of people from his own country need to realize the worth of one of their most valuable personalities. He is a very strong reason for whom their culture spread, and for whom their country is being loved. Unfortunately the respect and appreciation he gets from the international people, he does not gets from his own country men. I'm not saying, no one loves him - I know a lot of true diehard SRKfanatics from India as well. What I'm saying why exist some people who would hate him? He is truly not called THE KING for nothing, and one needs to step out from his/her own place (whoever questions his power & fame) to understand the position of SRK in the world. Silly internet polls does not express anything (although there also he wins most of the times), come and experience the world to know SRK power, and you will be obliged to say "He RULES".

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