Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Memorable Journey....

I honestly can't believe I'm writing at this time! But couldn't concentrate on anything else, so thought to do a blog post. Last time I posted was on May 11th, gosh! It's been so long. Anyways, thought to write less and talk with pictures more.

So, I visited Bangladesh this year, and stayed for a month. Let me post a photo tour of that one month. Sounds interesting enough to me. Beautiful memories of visiting the native: 

  •  The very first picture, took it after landing in Dhaka. "Terrace" - a place I absolutely adore visiting. In summer time you go there for the breeze, in rain you go there to get drenched, in winter you go there to do bonfire with family/friends; and most importantly when you are sad and need to get away from all, a lone hour at the terrace will soothe you more than anything. 

  • Experienced the beautiful rain of a tropical country after years. The subtle feeling feeling you get during the time is inexplicable. Yes, also got the opportunity to get drenched in the rain with cousins just like old days.

  • Want a sneak peak at what was happening inside home? Got many luxuries. As in my little cousin who just learnt how to make a braid, braided up my hair with her tiny fingers. It was such a comfort. See how she's showing off her creation!

  • Went during Eid time, so was lucky enough to celebrate Ramadan at home. There is nothing as special as celebrating Ramadan at a Muslim country. Want some of the typical Iftari?

  • And since I mentioned Eid/Ramadan time, ofcourse there was intense shopping sprees! 

  • When we got home exhausted after a long day of fasting and shopping, there was our "card" sessions to keep us entertained.

  • And silly jokes. The little cousin wanted me to write "Shah Rukh Khan" on her arm with mehendi, and look what I wrote.

  • Then again made up the moods of kiddos up with hugs and kisses. True the love and affection one can have for family members is unique.

  • Another awesome thing about visiting the native: Got to eat the food I love. That exact taste, flavor, and equally delicious. Feels great to get away from land of burgers, donuts, and pizzas. Had lots of "foochkas".

  • And also our typical afternoon "cha-biskoot" (tea-biscuit) at the terrace. You ought to love all these!

  • Celebrated happy occasions with loved/closed ones just like before. Makes you realize what true happiness is. Yes I wore one of the caps too, the one that matched my dress.

  • Came across memories which were left behind; but were still there at the exact same place, the exact same way they were left. 

  • Also met the new members at home. And to my greatest achievement even held them!

  • There are random pictures as well, which were taken for no apparent reason! But then one cannot be a happy person if he/she does everything for a reason, it's good being impulsive at times.

  • Ofcourse kissed more kids. As I always say, girl kids are adorable, I can never not smooch them!

  • No journey of mine can end without mehendi, and well in this case some weird colored nail polish of my teenager niece! But it was refreshing to see a change of color on my finger nails!

  • No matter how much it hurts, a journey once started comes to an end. Dhaka from up the air, only I know how I felt, leaving once again the place where I belong - the place where the one's so close to my heart resides.

P.S - Of course there were numerous moments that were not captured. But then again, the beauty of a happy moment lies on how much it manages to make you forget the rest of the world; yes even to capture it technologically.

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