Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dedicated to him.......

1st of February, 2010.....Can't believe it's been a year seen I met Shah. I thought I won't get enough time today to update my blog, but thankfully just managed to get some.

Last year on this day the most beautiful, memorable and special moment of my life took place. I still can't believe I actually met Shah Rukh, and he hold both my hands, for what seemed eternity to me. I can do anything to get back to that moment. For some reason I thought I would get plenty more chances to meet him before it gets a year, but alas it didn't! Oh! well there always is tomorrow. I can say this with all my faith that I know Allah will give me many more chance to touch my dream.

I wanted to go to Times Square today (that is where I met him), but did not get the time. Also just realized how much I'm missing Shah on twitter. Last year during this time, he was so regular in that social site, and now he almost boycotted it. I miss everything - his humor, his 'stay positive' quotes, the pictures he used to share, the updates he tried to give us (but we already had it before he gave, lol), sharing his personal life........Ah! It breaks my heart.

Anyways I'll be back later, not sure when though. Just wanted to post an entry today dedicating to Shah Rukh. Love him to death. May Allah bless him with all the happiness, more and more success, good fortune, togetherness of loved ones, long and healthy life, and may all his wishes get fulfilled - Ameen.

P.S I was suppose to finish my first blog entry on Darina and Anshula's request, and Inshallah soon I'll. I still remember everything from the incident as fresh as new.

P.P.S I wish I could hug and kiss Shah Rukh.....Oh! well there is always tomorrow.

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