Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Story of a Hug

Let's start a little with how it all started...

I don't remember which year, but in one of my childhood years I watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, and I was charmed by the Raj Malhotra, who, I later got to know was Mr. SHAH RUKH KHAN. I became a fan, I became a well wisher, I became more than that. And Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge became my most favorite and the most special movie, because my devotion and love for Mr. Khan dawned from when I watched that movie. Alhamdulillah, I have seen him in person a few times till now, but all I ever wanted was to give him a hug, which for me is a way to say thank you. A thank you, for everything, for all that I've learned from him, and for all that I'll be learning from him. But sadly, all the times I've seen him, I never got to hug him.

On this day, October 20th 1995, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge hit the theaters. And today October 20th 2016, on the 21st anniversary of the movie, I got to hug my Shah Rukh Khan...

Just last week I confirmed my visit to Budapest, Hungary. Since Shah Rukh has been filming around Europe, and Budapest was the current location with a long schedule. Never visiting a city all by myself, and so far away from home, it was not an easy decision, but I had to try my luck. I quickly planned a one week trip to Budapest, with no itinerary, no proper plans, no fellow fan to keep me company.

After landing to city, the next morning I woke with the thought "now what", I did not know anything about the whereabouts of Mr. Khan, or shooting locations, nor did I plan any sightseeing. Still I decided to venture out, and it was like destiny knocking at my door, I randomly bumped into two lovely ladies, who happened to be his fans. And from them, I got to know about the place he's residing during his stay here. The same day I went to wait for him at the entrance of the place, but with no luck. I was a little heartbroken. It's always heartbreaking when the dream is so close, and then it escapes you.

The next day, I dedicated my whole day to wait at the place. I waited for over 10 hours. I was emotionally exhausted. I was on the verge of crying, if not only for my lovely fellow Shah Rukhie from Canada, who kept me going. I was sitting there, hungry but no appetite, thirsty but no will to have a sip of water, waiting for a glance of him, and perhaps give him the hug. But no luck. I had no idea what was going on, whether or not he was at the hotel, whether or not he'll pass by where I was. But every second I kept thinking, I waited this long, I can't leave now... What if, I leave and miss him by seconds, miss my hug by seconds! I kept on waiting. And yes, it was not easy, a few times I almost broke into tears. But then, it was like God sent an angel (angel no.1 in my story), I was finally told he was not there at the hotel. Nor will he be there the next day... I believed him. Trust me, when I say he was a God sent angel.

Next day, I was too emotionally exhausted to speculate about his whereabouts. So I dedicated the day to sight seeing! Those who are interested, go see the Buda Castle, and the whole area around it. I spent my whole day there.

Following day. Today. I haven't had any proper sleep since the last two nights. But last night I had a dream, I saw that I met him, asked for a hug and he gave me a hug. I was praying for it to not be a dream, but alas! I woke up in the morning, very tired, and scared that I'll be heartbroken again. As much as I wanted to go and wait for him, it was hard to drag myself out of the bed. I was just not ready to face the day, in case it had more heart breaks in store for me.

After some deliberation, I decided to face the day. I wasn't planning to go to the hotel in the day time, so I got a light breakfast from the cafe next to me. In the midst of it, I realized the team was about to head out for the shooting...

I decided to wrap up my breakfast and head to the hotel. Too scared of more heartbreaks, I thought may be... may be I'll have my moment.

Just a short wait, and he comes out of the hotel...

Almost ran to him, but since he was going for the shoot, it seemed like he was in the character and perhaps rehearsing in his head, he headed straight to the car, and sat down... I thought there goes my moment. Again.

But then, Shah Rukh Khan the sweetheart, that we all know he is, asked his chauffeur to call the fans waiting, and like a gentleman got out of the car. And enters the second God sent angel (angel no.2), his chauffeur...

My moment came... I asked if I could hug him... And of course, he hugged me...

The second God sent Angel, captured the whole moment for me.

I hugged the man I loved most of my life. And this time it was not in my dreams, it was my dream coming to life. Surreal? Yes. But I guess it's meant to be like this. When your most precious dream, most desired dream comes to life, it's a little hard to distinguish real world from the world of dreams.

October the 20th, 2016 will forever be special. Budapest will forever be special. And yes, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, just became even more special.

"Kehte hain, agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hain..." and sometimes, if possible, lend kainaat a helping hand... For me it was, for the first time in my life crossing seas, and visiting a new country all by myself... and also, surviving those heartbreaks while trying my best not to give up. The rest? The entire kainaat took care for me.

The story is incomplete without the iconic hug...

PS. Kainaat had some bonus for me. Afterwards, for the first time ever, I watched him shoot. I watched the man in action... doing what he's most passionate about. Oh, and guess where the shooting was? Buda Castle! The same Buda Castle I was touristing the day before.

PPS. I got to thank both the God sent angels.

PPPS. Some of you might ask, I got to give my hug, what next? Eh! What's one hug! Constant thank yous, mean constant hugs!


  1. Ahhh this makes me want to cry out of happiness! I can only imagine the feeling!! Proud of you and very happy! Well deserved. From the day we met you were crazy about him and long before that i'm sure. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

  2. That so sweet 😊 lucky girl you are

  3. This is so beautiful! Congratulations on meeting and thank god for giving u the strengths to keep going! Bless SRK for being the kind sould he is. May God bless him always.

  4. After reading this I am having goosebumps. In fact my fingers are trembling now while texting. What magic is this? How strongly you must have loved so that the universe was compelled to conspire for you? I keep dreaming day and night about meeting him. I love him the most as well. But the way God drew you towards your destination is miraculous.This is indeed one in a million experience. I can't stop the tears while thinking about this. I am very happy for you.

    1. Insha Allah you'll get to meet him one day, keep faith ☺️ And thank you ❤️

  5. what a lovely date for you to remember - on DDLJ's 21st anniversary. That must have made it all the more special! And maybe it was just meant to be...

    1. Indeed ☺️ I still can't believe it happened on the DDLJ anniversary!

  6. Love u dear mam u made me so much emotional & u a fartunate but u tried mam..yes u got hug u ll never forhet your entire lifetime i no, infinite congrats